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Chorae (SPOILERS!!!!) posted 28 January 2009 in The Judging EyeChorae (SPOILERS!!!!) by Entropic_existence, Moderator

So I haven't seen a post on this yet, although I thought it was perhaps one of the most interesting things in the book and that is Mimara and whatever she did with the Chorae. She is one of the Few but not yet tainted with the Mark, which is why she can still handle Chorae. But she did something with her chorae that we have never seen before. She metaphysically passed through it's contradictiont to "the other side" and sees it now as some sort of "holy light" as opposed to the void/absence she saw them as before (as the Few always do). And she used her Chorae to ward off the Wight-in-the-mountain/Hell.

That whole aspect of the book got me thinking about the Aporos and the rogue Nonmen who used Aporetic sorcery to make them. I wonder if Minara, untrained but highly intelligent as she is, is somehow stumbling upon unlocking something tied to Aporetic sorcery or whether it is more of a "Divine" influence. view post


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