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The Logos/Dunyain posted 23 May 2005 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Logos/Dunyain by Tattooed Hand, Auditor

The face-training specimens come from outside. The Dunyain maintain some contact with the nearest human tribes, and sometimes people simply wander too close to Ishual and are captured. This is also a source of trade for the advanced goods the Dunyain can manufacture in exchange for food, when it's needed.

I have to disagree with this, White Lord. I don't think the Dunyain have had ANY contact with the outside world. The face specimens were failed Dunyain who as a result of physical and/or mental defects (probably from too much inbreeding) were unable to complete training and were used for training purposes such as these. I am pretty sure this is outright stated that they are failed Dunyain in TWP.

I also think that the Kelhus's physical abilities and mental abilities are naturally quite elevated and have had the benefit of being honed even further by Dunyain training. But what we see in the book is unique I think because no Dunyain (except Moengus and we don't know the extend of what he's managed yet) has ever been tested the same way Kelhus has. They have never had to put the Probability trance in the service of taking control of a holy war and they don't have all the information that Kelhus has (like the existence of sorcery). Remember that Kelhus was tripping out over the variety of leaf patterns when he first leaves the stronghold of the Dunyain... his natural abilities and his training have been even further honed by the challenges he has faced in the outside world, which none of his brethren have.

I personally think that Moenghus has also received this honing, but in a different way, as per his own experiences in the world. I think this is considerable, since I also think that he is the driving force behind this whole holy war... and the taking control of it by Kelhus.

Some clues hint at the similarities: for instance, when Kelhus meets Cnauir, it's about the same stage in his experience with the world as Moenghus was when he was captured by the tribe. The first thing he tries on Cnaiur is the trackless steppe line, which his dad tried too... the only difference is that Cnaiur has already heard it. So Kelhus and Moenghus see the same kinds of openings at about the same point in their honing in the outside world. What happens next is very different though and I am interested to see how this is reflected when we meet Moenghus... the standardization of Dunyain life and the diversification brought on by time in the outside world... view post


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