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*Spoilers* Traveller's identity posted 27 January 2009 in The Judging Eye*Spoilers* Traveller's identity by anor277, Didact

Just my 2 cents regarding traveller's idea. Achamian came to the conclusion that Kellhus had sent Mimara. Alternatively, we know that the murderous Celmomas had managed to precipitate Mimara's flight from Momenn in order to isolate Esmenet (i.e. Kellhus didn't send Mimara, Celmomas did). As to why Kellhus should want Achamian go on a wild and dangerous goosechase is also beyond me. It appears likely that Achamian is again a stalking horse for the Consult, some member of the Skin Eaters (perhaps Kosoter himself - he may have been replaced fairly recently) is a Consult agent, and Incariol is quite possibly Mekeritrig. Both the Consult and Achamian want to know about Kellhus' origins, and Achamian's hiring of the scalpers is the means to this ends.

Just on the topic of the scalpers. I wonder how much of the idea stems from Wild West tales of Indian scalp hunters (those who hunted native Indians to collect a bounty paid by the US or Mexican govts; those who collected Apache scalps must have been brutal men indeed)? Is there an echo of Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian in the Scalpoi. We know that Scott was definitely impressed by McCarthy's novels. view post


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