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Consensus so far? posted 23 January 2009 in The Judging EyeConsensus so far? by Ingalira, Commoner

I thought the book on the whole was awesome! But the main problem I see with this book and which has mentioned by others is that it is not a standalone novel like all the othe novels. Only the Akka storyline which involves this Cleric fellow you are hearing about has any conclusion what so ever, the others just stop where they are. It is clear that this novel is a setup for the reintroduction of Earwa in its current state, and from here the true consequences of the second apocylypse will start becoming apparent. The Sranc and Nonmen have much page time this time around and are quite fascinating, although there are great characters in the Great Ordeal such as Kellhuss's children only appear in a few pages and the Consult does not make a single appearance beside two skin spies. The board has been set and now Bakker will launch this story into the stratosphere in upcoming releases. view post


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