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*Spoilers* Traveller's identity posted 20 January 2009 in The Judging Eye*Spoilers* Traveller's identity by professor plum, Peralogue

Idle speculation:

1) If Mimara can find Achamian, Kellhus presumably already knows where he is, and has for some time.
2) Kellhus knows about the Dreams and, knowing Achamian, presumably will have realised what Achamian's been up to (namely, trying to puzzle out the origins of Kellhus, i.e. who or what are the Dunyain?). He carries the name Anasurimbor, so he'll know how and when the Dunyain came to live in Ishual. Ergo, he'll realise that if Achamian's going to find anything about Ishual, it won't be by wandering around the Three Seas, it'll be by devoting his life to sleeping a lot.
3) For some reason, Kellhus decides it's necessary to tip Achamian's hand. So, off he sends Mimara (not that she realises she was sent), who finds Achamian, which spurs him to action.
4) Knowing Achamian's location, and that Achamian won't want to travel through the empire, Kellhus reasons that he'll need to travel with a group of scalpoi. So he has his agents find the meanest scalpoi in all the land (or, near to Achamian, at least) and compels/bribes them into a particular course of action.
5) Achamian hires the Skin Eaters, the Captain coincidentally recognises Achamian from the First Holy War, giving him a pretext to accept the mission, and off they go on their merry journey through Moria (which was awesome, BTW).

If any of that makes sense, I guess the question is, why? Does Kellhus have any reason not to just kill Achamian if he thinks him a threat? If he doesn't consider Achamian finding Ishual a threat, does he have any reason to want Achamian to find Ishual?

Or the traveller could be someone else's hand. There's really not much to go on, is there? view post


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