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The metaphysics of Eärwa - some thoughts posted 24 November 2008 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe metaphysics of Eärwa - some thoughts by Athjeari, Peralogue

I wanted to post something with regards to Perseus search engine.

I've played with it a little, and I have found some words that are not matching up with definitions I've been taught at my University. "Kairos" is one of the words. I was taught that "Kairos" has everything to do with time, but not in the same reference as cronos. Kairos refers to the "most opportune time". We use it within the speech communication discipline. The defintion given for ethos is also not congruent with what I've been taught. The engine doesn't recognize the word enthymeme, or even demos. I'm not saying that the entire Perseus Engine is no good, but I would check the defintions with other sources because I found to many words that were defined differently to me. view post


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