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The Logos/Dunyain posted 23 May 2005 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Logos/Dunyain by diarmuid, Peralogue

hmm good points.

however, if the few can see the "bruise" or mark of sorcery as affecting nature..or what is natural

could not it be argued that their specialized knowledge and studies have led them to simply be more sensitive to those things that occur in the "natural" world?

consider "supernatural" better than, yes. beyond the natural , yes

but not nesc. totally apart from natural.

As for other Fantasy series and books.....

Guy Kay tends to treat magic thus.

David Eddings, in my youth, seemed to be exploring along these lines as well.

Anyway, good arguments all around. Makes for an interesting debate and I would invite all interested parties to join in.

Maybe even the Author?

Course I am betting he knows more than we. view post


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