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The metaphysics of Eärwa - some thoughts posted 10 November 2008 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe metaphysics of Eärwa - some thoughts by anor277, Didact

Quote: "Thorsten":22a7wo1m

This is actually a good point. It's true that the No-God is in some places described as being 'summoned'. I also remember a reference where it is said that he first 'drew breath'. The question is - should we take these literally? It is made abundantly clear that no one (except the Consult, and they don't tell) really knows what the No-God is or how he appeared. Thus, I took these references as figures of speech - the sorcerers don't really know how the No-God appeared, thus they imagine he was summoned. They don't know what event marked his coming first, so they say he drew breath.[/quote:22a7wo1m]
Thorsten, what you have written is well-argued and makes a lot of sense, and it took me some time to digest it (apart from the analogies to quantum mechanics; one can make better analogies than drawing them from abstruse forms of wave and matrix equations that are only approachable with a more symbolic language than English). I agree with you regarding the ignorance of the No-God on the part of the Three-Seas sorcerors and churchmen. They simply have no conception of what it is - Kellhus had a conversation with Achamian in TWP or earlier precisely on the No-God's identity, and all Achamian could do was to relate the horror of His presence.

As for the Daimos, the reason I did not include it in the list is that the list is of different principles underlying sorcery, whereas the Daimos seems to be a description of a result. Thus, the way I understood it, you could use the Anagogis or the Gnosis to summon, it's just a particular application of a metaphysics, not a metaphysics in itself. Of course, I may be wrong here, and I have to look into this in a bit more detail to make sure.
Agreed on your take here as well. Scott mentioned somewhere that the Gnosis could summon agencies (whatever these are); but clearly Iyokus' summonings derived from the Anagostic sorcery. The risk to the summoner is all too apparent. view post


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