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The metaphysics of Eärwa - some thoughts posted 10 November 2008 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe metaphysics of Eärwa - some thoughts by Curethan, Didact

Ooh, lubberly logic analysis.

An excellent essay. I agree with almost everything here and enjoyed the extensions to my half formed/percieved thoughts on the subjects covered.

If I might propose some answers for Mith;

1) Programming through the Tekne, same as Sranc, skinspies etc.

2) Hitting a mountain with a nuke might be a good analogy for the methodology Thorsten describes.

3) you might be right about the chorae providing protection, but I don't think you could touch the no-god with sorcery anyway, not the way that Thorsten describes his .... hmm ... individual onta?

I think it might be pertinent to mention that I recall the no-god being described as summoned. Whilst agreeing that he is a product of both Tekne and sorcery, the only mention of summoning comes from the daimos - which I also note was skipped in Thorsten's summary of sorceries. As the scarlet spires discovered the daimos post 1st apocolypse, I would like to inject some baseless speculation that perhaps it is a form of sorcery originally native to the inchoroi and perhaps connected to their outside, mwahaha. (recall the demon's reference to Earwa as the 'needle world', obviously a highly alien plane of existence) view post


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