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I don't understand how the word 'will' is being used posted 03 November 2008 in NeuropathI don't understand how the word 'will' is being used by CnaiĆ¼r, Peralogue

How do you explain near-death experiences, where people speak of seeing themselves leave their body, such as those who die on the operating table and see their body being operated on and watch doctors electrocute them back to life, which causes them to jerk back into their own body. Are these people deluded? Dreaming? Or, is that their soul that temporarily left their physical body?

Topics of consciousness and the soul has been around for thousands of years. Modern science is still playing catch up with their gadgets and math.

And black holes are just a theory, nothing more. Its amusing to witness people believe in these and not believe in a soul. Perhaps, they are just caught in the event horizon of the black hole in their conditioned brain.

Free Will is real, and one of the greatest gifts we have. Test this reality out by making a decision right now. Choose to reply or not. Choose to get up from that chair or not. Choose to recall a happy memory or a sad one or no memory. Even God made the decision to create, and made the decision to pass on free will to his creations. To think free will is an illusion is to delude yourself into being powerless, and to wipe away responsibility from your own actions. Stand up and be a man. You have the free will to decide.

You also have the free will to nullify free will as merely an illusion. The irony is amazing, isn't it. You decide. view post


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