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Esmi posted 30 September 2008 in The Warrior ProphetEsmi by Curethan, Didact

Quote: "Shell":2ozib5e6
Esmi shows us at the beginning that she knows she is more than her sexuality, Akka knows that she is more than her sexuality, so therefore everything with Kellhus is regression.

Name me one person who changed as much as Esmi. Serwe stayed annoying dumb, Conphas astonishingly arrogant, Proyas pious, Cnaiur stayed Cnaiur.

I think Esmi is a lightning rod because she is the ONLY main female character. Serwe could have been any other beautiful, nameless face in the crowd, and Conphas mother really doesn't count. She is a lightning rod because Bakker started out with an intelligent woman who knew her own soul, and now everyone defers to her ONLY because she is Kellhus' bedpartner and mother of a godling or something. If she was not attached to Kellhus, she would be just another of many camp whores.[/quote:2ozib5e6]

The change in the characters in the course of the story is due to Kellhus and the events they experience. I don't think Esmi's personality changed that much.

***** Bog Spoiler Alert *****
Emse becomes powerful and a valued and important contributor to the new world order. Everything she ever could have wished for herself at the start of the story, really. And her intelligence made her bitter because she knew her position to be unjust because she could tell that she was smarter than all the powerful men she encountered in her trade. She knows what she owes Kelhus and I believe she feels she must pay because of her experience in such transactions of the soul. She knows what Kellhus is by the end but still chooses him. To me this is consistent with her strong personality throughout the books, demostrating less change in character than you suggest. She has no reason to be antagonistic towards Kelhus because SHE is the one who betrayed Akka. She always tries to let her head rule her heart. I mean seriously, Akka is a nice enough guy (and a bit of a whiny self pitier) but there are a lot of .... hmmm ... 'mistakes' Esme made that lie between them. (Sarcellus, Kellhus etc)

I think we'll find that by the next book people will defer to Esme because they either respect or fear her, quite independantly of Kelhus. He is the catalyst for change and in this case, emancipation but these things eventually must sustain themselves.

And on the question of who changed more..... <!-- s;) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink" /><!-- s;) -->
Serwe was an abused and dim animal, no more than chatel but she changed enough to become someone who felt valued and loved (still irritating to me tho, granted) before dying as a figure of veneration.
Conphas was a noble hero in a legend of his own making before slowly becoming a weak, humbled, embarassed emperor of a doomed nation betrayed by his own once loyal troops. (although a remaining self absorbed psychopath all the way)
Proyas, in contrast to Conphas gets all the heroic rewards for his piousness he could have hoped for when first introduced, but finds them hollow and becomes more and more withdrawn and disenchanted. I think by the end he's well on the way to losing his faith in religon and Kelhus.
Cnaiur went from being a shunned but powerful chieftain with some anger management issues into full blown insanity. I have no idea how you can suggest that he didn't change as a person. I really can't imagine the Cnaiur we met at the start of TDTCB would behave the same way upon encountering a skin spy's true face...
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