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Esmi posted 27 September 2008 in The Warrior ProphetEsmi by Shell, Peralogue

Esmi shows us at the beginning that she knows she is more than her sexuality, Akka knows that she is more than her sexuality, so therefore everything with Kellhus is regression.

Name me one person who changed as much as Esmi. Serwe stayed annoying dumb, Conphas astonishingly arrogant, Proyas pious, Cnaiur stayed Cnaiur.

I think Esmi is a lightning rod because she is the ONLY main female character. Serwe could have been any other beautiful, nameless face in the crowd, and Conphas mother really doesn't count. She is a lightning rod because Bakker started out with an intelligent woman who knew her own soul, and now everyone defers to her ONLY because she is Kellhus' bedpartner and mother of a godling or something. If she was not attached to Kellhus, she would be just another of many camp whores. view post


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