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Esmi posted 26 September 2008 in The Warrior ProphetEsmi by Harrol, Moderator

I believe we are over looking how Esmi cowed Elazerith (sp) the grand master of the Scarlet Spires? This is after her seduction by Kellhus. Another thing is that she is second to no one but Kellhus even Proyas defers to her. Her personality changes true but who has not after dealing with Kellhus for a prolonged period. I believe that Esmi is a lightning rod because she is one of three main female characters. Let us also look at Esmi's childhood her dad raped her and men in general found no use for her outside of sex. This causes a person to think their greatest asset is their sexuality. Her desire for Kellhus's manhood is not because she is seduced by it but rather she believes it is her way to keep a hold on the relationship. view post


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