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Esmi posted 26 September 2008 in The Warrior ProphetEsmi by Shell, Peralogue

I have to go with Avariel on this one, guys. I won't repeat my arguments since they are on this board already. "Simpering" and "cow-like" pretty much sum up my feelings about Serwe.

Being female myself, I struggle to decide whether Scott simply fell into the trap of portraying Esmi as weakminded and manipulated into worshipping Kellhus in his godliness (and genitalia), or if he is being true to times where it would make absolute sense that a woman with no standing and social position would naturally pick the man that would offer her the most opportunites, regardless of her personal feelings.

Avariel summed up something else that had been bothering me - the way Esmi's personality seemed to change so much. If Scott had continued to portray her with a strong intellect and personality, and then I can see her making a calculated decision to go with Kellhus (and letting us in on that decision-making in her head), but dropping her to an intellectual level that almost matches Serwe is something I find insulting on some level.

Kind of like a school-boy fantasy that, "All women will find me and my penis irresistable, regardless of the fact that she is captain of the debate team and president of the Physics Club, and I can barely spell".

OK, I admit Kellhus can spell. Maybe a better analogy would be Glenda the Good Witch falling for Darth Vader just because he told her sweet nothings and has a large manhood. view post


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