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Who would you cast in a Prince of Nothing movie? posted 23 September 2008 in General DiscusssionWho would you cast in a Prince of Nothing movie? by Lies And Perfidy, Commoner

Basically half the cast of Kingdom of Heaven. To wit:

Edward Norton - Kellhus (the greatest actor of our generation. If anyone could pull off that complex and multifaceted a role, it's him.)

Brendan Gleeson - Gothyelk (he'd just be playing Reynald de Chatillion again, so why not?)

Kevin McKidd - Saubon (certainly a versatile enough actor for the tormented prince.)

Jouko Ahola - Yalgrota (the huge Saxon who gets three arrows in him and continues to slaughter people until he keels over. Not inhumanly big, but bulky and scary-looking enough for camera tricks to work.)

Khaled Nabawy - Fanayal (all kinds of intense as the Arabic mullah, and young enough for the role.)

And tossing out the idea of Ciaran Hinds (Caesar in Rome) for Akka. I've always envisioned him as swarthy but not black, and Hinds has passed for that well enough in other roles; more importantly, he's a stellar actor. view post


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