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Achamian vs. Kellhus: faith vs. certainty posted 21 May 2005 in The Warrior ProphetAchamian vs. Kellhus: faith vs. certainty by diarmuid, Peralogue

Quote: "matthewcreelman":9x7kkfzg

At the core of TWP it's a conflict of doubt and faith. Achamian is a creature of doubt; Kellhus is a creature of certainty. Kellhus has absolute certainty in his own abilities, whereas Achamian worries constantly. More importantly, Kellhus creates a belief that inspires solid certainty in people, whereas Achamian spreads a faith that inspires only doubt. [/quote:9x7kkfzg]

I don't know that fatih and certainty are really based on knowledge..which is stself anchored by the possibly mistaken certainty that you are wrong about what you know..

While faith seems to be the beleif of and in something in the abscence of knowledge or facts

Quote: "matthewcreelman":9x7kkfzg
Just look at the decline of Esmenet as an example of what he can do to people. For someone who follows Kellhus, “I understand” is the key term.


i disagree that Esmi is declining...i think she is becoming something much more than herself. view post


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