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Cnaiur-is he dead? posted 04 September 2008 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Cnaiur-is he dead? by Cripdamind, Candidate

i found the scene at the end of TTT where cnaiur kisses moenghus and touches him with the chorae and the following events to be almost cryptic. it took me a couple tries to read it, but at the end of that scene, after cnaiur realizes that he killed moenghus i'm pretty sure cnaiur slits his own throat, and then everything goes black because he's bleeding to death.

i'm gonna reiterate what someone else wrote in another thread. i think the "spirit" of cnaiur will live on through his son with serwe, who is ironically named moenghus. but i think cnaiur is done as a character, it would depreciate the significance of cnaiur's journey and his meeting with moenghus if he survives into the aspect emperor. view post


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