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Cnaiur-is he dead? posted 04 September 2008 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Cnaiur-is he dead? by skafadi, Candidate

I certainly hope not. He's one of my favorite characters and he'd be a great part of the Aspect-Emperor series. I notice that his last appearance in TTT was quite open-ended- he just kinda went with the skin-spy who looked like Serwe. So, I have formed a Theory (with a capital T, no less). I think that the Consult, through their skin-spies, will manipulate Cnaiur into becoming their new Horde-General against Kellhus' Great Ordeal. He might be crazy, but he's still the only one who knows Kellhus for what he is, and probably the most brilliant tactician after Kellhus himself. Furthermore, the Consult know how much he hates the Dunyain and that he's probably their best chance of beating Kellhus in battle.
So yes...there that is.
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