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Why was Khellus.... posted 02 September 2008 in Author Q & AWhy was Khellus.... by Callan S., Auditor

Quote: "Chirios":1a1t2fdx
Able to b*tch-slap the Nonman so thoroughly? I get that he's supposed to have these reflexes and whatever, but the Nonmen evolved on a completely different line than humans; shouldn't they be able to do some stuff that humans can't? So, shouldn't the Nonman have had some skill that Khellus (who had never before encountered another sentient species) couldn't defend against?[/quote:1a1t2fdx]
Well, dunyain don't practice skill, or atleast ideally they don't, they evaluate each circumstance and decide the shortest path to their goal. I think that's what Scott refers to when at some point he says they are always new - they never repeat a certain practice or skill, they only ever choose and choose and choose.

It's not his range of skill that matters, it's his range of choice that matters. If he hadn't had enough choices he would have retreated from the begining (or possibly died, if he estimated he had more choices than he had - which is what happened in terms of magic - he thought he had choices where magic denied those choices. He almost died/failed mission because of that false estimate). view post


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