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Esmi posted 29 August 2008 in The Warrior ProphetEsmi by Curethan, Didact

Really, Esme lives in a sexist world. More than that, it is a world where belief dictates acutal physical reality (sorcery, gods etc). Esme's treatment and behaviour are neccesarily a display of sexism, but this is not the tone of the narrative to me. It is a realistic depiction of a male-centic society but it is to the credit of the story that Esme and Akka recognize and discus the injustice of it.

Kellhus' form of religon/manipulation is rooted in exposing 'the truth', which includes promoting equality and revealing lies and deception such as mysoginy and repression. It is partly this, I think, that seduces and keeps Esme with Kellhus and he teaches her so much. A choice between love and the revolution you might say...

Perhaps she shows better judgement and a more intelligent choice of reactions in the long run than Cnaiur, for example. view post


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