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Esmi posted 26 August 2008 in The Warrior ProphetEsmi by Cripdamind, Candidate

i have to agree with harrol on this. everyone in the story with the exception of conphas, cnaiur, and for about the last 100 pages achamian, were marionettes for kellhus' the puppetmaster; why should esmenet be different? in real life very strong women often fall for men who do not love them, and who beat them like clockwork. though, in the real world i think most of this comes from their search for validation from their abusive partner (which they'll never find), and in the story it comes from esmenet's lust for power and for a nice social status for her children. i don't see anything wrong with her ambition (which is what causes her split from achamian to continue even after achamian opens her eyes to the truth) and i think this triangle will play an important role in the upcoming books. view post


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