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This time I got a question... posted 21 May 2005 in Author Q & AThis time I got a question... by diarmuid, Peralogue

seems to me that "popularity" for want of a better word, is probably quietly building as we speak.

person to person, she told two friends, and so on.

calling the group here at this board, the active ones at least, a group of say.......50 ppl.

llok at that group after a couple of exponential events and you have something like ...wel....alot anyway.

Scott as per your sucess I have no doubts of ANY kind....I just think it is gonna take some time fella. Same for most bands of any skill at all, ditto singers, ditto artists.

However, a talent like yours will not be silent.

Now write another book, swiftly, lest I grow wroth! view post


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