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A meaningful life... posted 17 August 2008 in Philosophy DiscussionA meaningful life... by Cironian, Peralogue

Most people I see, when they think they have a life they deem meaningless, are actually just bored or depressed about their lives, perhaps because their lives aren't what they idealize them to be, or simply because of a relatively monotone life. But see, even if you think you don't make a difference in the world, based on how you view your life singularly, you actually do, to say, other people. I'm amazed at how happy people are when I hold a door open for them because they walk through it right behind me, for example. In that sense, your life has meaning. Even in a way as little as that, (but realistically, everyone makes a little imprint on a life ten thousandfold every day), your life can be deemed meaningful. Heck, the fact that one even exists makes a life have meaning! (Of course, negative actions, causes, effects, etc. also make a life have meaning. Hope this balances my potentially annoying optimism prior.)

In short, for a life to have meaning, to have purpose, it needs definition. By simply existing at all, we provide definiton of ourselves to the universe. I believe that over thousands of years, the vast majority of humankind has overlooked this almost subconcious detail, thinking much more elevatedly (on an existensial, defining level) than this base concept. We need not look beyond ourselves to see life, purpose, and life as purpose. view post


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