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The problem of evil posted 17 August 2008 in Philosophy DiscussionThe problem of evil by Callan S., Auditor

Well, if you think of good and evil relative to the practical survival of your species, then good and evil are not abstract. If there was only good - then you could go along, being good, until the last of your species dies. Just because you think a certain lifestyle is good and you never think of there being anything else (ie, never think of the idea of evil), doesn't mean extinction doesn't exist.

In practical terms, evil is a hypothesis of the acts which lead to doom. This is not invented by men - extincition exists, regardless of whether we think evil exists or not.

What might seperate man from beast is that beasts simply strive to be what they are - relying on death to prove that striving correct or not. While men contemplate their potential doom and do not wish to rely on actual death to tell them if they were wrong (instead they contemplate potential death, rather than simply strive forward to potentially meet it). Not all the time of course - men stride onto the battlefield, for example, with absolute certainty of surviving and winning - the animal striving to be what they are and only death will argue them out of that certainty. Also I know I call it 'animal striving' but thats not to be dismissive - as one contemplates potential doom, one realises even such contemplation itself might be a doom and animal striving perhaps the enlightened path (sometimes...hopefully not always). Indeed, to only ever contemplate would be striving like the animal does - simply rushing forward with its practice, letting situation decide if it was correct/lets you survive.

Probably the deepest philisophical moments lead to absolute action - where contemplation considers rejecting itself, the man neither strives like a beast, nor strives to continually contemplate - he is neither beast nor contemplative man.

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