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Some Random Thoughts on TTT posted 21 May 2005 in The Thousandfold ThoughtSome Random Thoughts on TTT by Tattooed Hand, Auditor

Esmi is more of a working girl. Her profession is not a pathology, it's a way to feed herself. She was left with little choice, since she begins by being raped by her father and then given by him to his friends. She's not exactly marriage material in a world obesessed with chastity and virginity in a bride.

Her profession has certainly affected her view of sexual relationships, but she did not become a whore because of some quirk in her personality that made her want to jump into bed with anyone. The Emporer's mother is more of a pathological whore, in my opinion. She uses sex to manipulate and jockey for power, even on her own son.

Maybe Esmi's a whore in so far as the preservation of her chastity to maintain her repuation is not an issue for her since her reputation is as irrevocably marked as her hand is... that doesn't mean sleeping with someone means nothing to her. view post


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