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Why was Khellus.... posted 11 August 2008 in Author Q & AWhy was Khellus.... by Nerdanel, Peralogue

I've been thinking that Mekeritrig is actually an important force manipulating events in the shadows (even if he has no clue about his own plans much of the time and has to rely on minions to remind him what he was supposed to be doing). Mekeritrig's enouncter with Kellhus was an unlikely thing, and I don't think it was an accident. I think Mekeritrig's purpose was to test Kellhus strength and also to teach him that Sranc, Nonmen, magic, and the No-God are real, a lesson which would have far-ranging effects on Kellhus's future path and likelihood of survival.

I think Mekeritrig is planning the final defeat of the Inchoroi and is going about it in a very circuitous manner that lets the others do the fighting and dying for him. Humans got the game of benjuka from the Nonmen, after all. view post


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