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Why was Khellus.... posted 08 August 2008 in Author Q & AWhy was Khellus.... by Chirios, Candidate

Able to b*tch-slap the Nonman so thoroughly? I get that he's supposed to have these reflexes and whatever, but the Nonmen evolved on a completely different line than humans; shouldn't they be able to do some stuff that humans can't? So, shouldn't the Nonman have had some skill that Khellus (who had never before encountered another sentient species) couldn't defend against? And, since the Nonmen have been practicing magic for millions of years, why has their craft not evolved over time? Instead of throwing Khellus into a tree, why didn't the Nonman just rip him to pieces? And there's the fact that this Nonman has been fighting for years, and so should be seriously deadly with his sword, super-reflexes or not. view post


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