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My mini review/feedback to Mr. Bakker-minor ending spoilers posted 02 August 2008 in NeuropathMy mini review/feedback to Mr. Bakker-minor ending spoilers by Callan S., Auditor

Neil refers to himself as a neuronaut - just the once though, so it's easy to miss.

As for the ending - well, some people were annoyed with the Trueman show, that they didn't show him hooking up with the love interest in the real world (though it was pretty obvious they would). Are you like that - you want the ends to be wrapped up, rather than imagined?

Personally I think both the Trueman show and Neuropath end on a question - "What would YOU do at that point?". There's more than just watching the author do his thing and finish - I think it's an interesting question where would you go with the story if you were stuck in that position? view post


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