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The desire not to be slave to the darkness, comes from...? posted 02 August 2008 in Author Q & AThe desire not to be slave to the darkness, comes from...? by Callan S., Auditor

I think with the TT, he encountered a sort of meta conciousness which wasn't made by men but was the original. The one men sort of copied when they made their version, so as to be close. By meta conciousness I'm talking about stuff like a race or religion - it's one big organism spread across thousands of brains. But race and religion, massive creatures that they were, were a sort of just a grasping for the meta conciousness of the planet.

It's funny - in the darkness that comes before, when Kelhus leaves the monastary, at one point he gets lost in a trance looking at a twig he found in his shoe. Eventually it drops from his fingers at nightfall. In TTT, when he calls out to that thing, he finds a twig in his shoe. This time he sees one branch of it is green, the other dead. It's like it was calling out to him from the beginning, but like world born he couldn't hear it - he just had the dunyain meta conciousness substitute, just like world born have their race and religion.

But he's still not working for it - he denied it, saying he couldn't tell them (the world born) the truth. Personally I think he's seen the light (perhaps simply at a clinical level - the true meta conciousness can grant the self moving soul), but will still walk a damned path because it is the shortest one to helping the goal of the light. His own damnation doesn't make a path any less short. It'd be kind of like a mad mix of completely reptilian calculating and absolute personal sacrifice. view post


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