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Is Kellhus really a prophet? posted 29 July 2008 in The Thousandfold ThoughtIs Kellhus really a prophet? by Curethan, Didact

Even as Kellhus has rewritten the history and cultures of the 3 seas, they have rewritten him. Becoming a prophet was the only way he could rise. When he learned the Gnosis he became steeped in the history of Earwa. His mission complete, he became an empty vessel for the beliefs he reshaped to become home. He is now a figure of destiny, a shaper of the future, but no longer dunyain...

I recall that Moeghus' first words to Kellhus; that their blood is the most important thing in the world. Is he speaking of dunyain heritage or the anasurimbor? When the dunyain found the last of the anasurimbor line, their leader noted a great correspondence of cause. The same term Moeghus later applies to Kellhus' prophecy of the Shrial knights. Of course the Dunyain knew of the celomoman prophecy when they first came to Ishual. To accept that the leaders of the dunyain are ignorant of their own history is unwise. Their origin is what determines their task. They may isolate themselves from the world, but they do not isolate themselves from themselves. Although all trace of sorcerous knowledge was obliterated from their new home, this does not mean that all dunyain are ignorant of it, just that the majority of the must be to ensure that Ishual remains conditioned as the Pragma dictates....

This is why Akka will quest to uncover the origins of the Dunyain in AE, their history will illuminate the true nature of the warrior-prophet and the Thousandfold Thought. (Why do we accept that Moenghus was it's progenitor and not, like Kellhus, merely it's pawn?) view post


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