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Whatever happened to Mallahet? posted 16 July 2008 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Whatever happened to Mallahet? by lfex, Peralogue

Quote: "anor277":78vzh5fb

If Mo├źnghus had been able to teleport, he would have had no need of his son to take over the 1000 temples; Mo├źnghus could have flitted in and out between churches. In fact, in the next novel I think Kellhus' ability to teleport, to transcend distance, will have to be treated very carefully. [/quote:78vzh5fb]

Do we know how long is the reach of Kellhus's teleportation ability? Could he teleport from Shimeh to Ishual and back, or is it restricted to far shorter distances? I agree that the former possibility would create many difficulties with the plot, since if Kellhus could appear anytime at any place, he could become truly unstoppable. view post


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