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White vs High ? posted 13 July 2008 in The Thousandfold ThoughtWhite vs High ? by Arkarrus, Commoner

They are (the?) two different branches of the Norsirai 'race.'
The High Norsirai settled around the Sea of Neleost, and developed into the Umeri, Tryse, Kuniuri, Aorsi, ect. As far as I can tell they all died out or assimilated into other peoples during the Apocalypse (with the exception of the Anasurimbor, hidden by the Dunyain).
The White Norsirai were the Pastoralists of north central Earwa, including the Istyuli Plains, Sea of Cerish and River Tywanrea. By the time of the books they include the Pastoralists north of the Cerish, Atrithau, Sakarpus, Galeoth,Thunyerus, Ce Tydonn and the Nymbricani clans.

This information is derived from usage in the Encyclopedic Glossary.
In the Dialects table, the High Norsirai speak Aumri-Saugla and descendants languages, while White Norsirai speak Nirsodic and descendants languages. (It would seem that the Dunyain are then mainly High Norsirai, but their origin, as far as I know, remains unclear) view post


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