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Whatever happened to Mallahet? posted 12 July 2008 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Whatever happened to Mallahet? by Nerdanel, Peralogue

I think it's clear that Mallahet = Moënghus. The identificating marks are just too specific for me to think otherwise.

I think Kellhus, not having heard of Mallahet, could not connect the dots and ended up dangerously underestimating his daddy. He guessed that Moënghus was a weak Cishaurim both magically and politically, when the only reason Moënghus wasn't the Heresiarch was that he had been born a foreigner. We have accustomed to Kellhus always being right about people but his past record doesn't mean he's incapable of being wrong.

Also, Moënghus was careful to keep his face disguised beyond darkness and falling water as much as possible, which would have made things difficult for Kellhus. On the other hand, snakes may have bad vision, but their sense of smell is formidable - something Kellhus didn't know or didn't think of. Kellhus's scent could presumably tell Moënghus a lot of what he thought he was hiding. I think Moënghus also recognized skin-spies by their distinctive smell and not by their voices like Kellhus guessed.

As for how easily Moënghus died, I think that strongly implies that he didn't and instead faked his death. Someone as strong as Mallahet should have been able to put in more of a fight. I think the explanation is that Moënghus was possessing someone else from afar and also keeping up a constant illusion that the person was himself. Kellhus wouldn't have sensed a thing because Moënghus used Cishaurim magic to do it. Moënghus could also have been inserting thoughts into Kellhus's head, something that Kellhus wouldn't have been able to sense either. It really is quite convenient that Kellhus teleported away without staying to look at the face of the corpse and before his daddy actually died. That could be mindcontrol or just arrogance. Either way, it's important to remember that Moënghus invited Kellhus in and obviously gave a lot of thought for planning the meeting.

There is also a quote somewhere that suggests that Moënghus might be able to teleport. Namely, I think it was he who made the unprovoked attack on the Scarlet Spires in order to draw them to the Holy War Maithanet would later incite. view post


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