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The terms Wizard vs. Sorceror posted 09 July 2008 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe terms Wizard vs. Sorceror by Almighty Tallest, Candidate

I would assume that they are largely arbitrary choices by Bakker. But there is some linguistic insight to it, as well.

Sorceror - When you hear the word, you get the image of a powerful, secretive, fear-inspiring man. It conjures feelings of animosity and dread, which is largely how they are perceived by the majority of people in the Three Seas.

Wizard - The word 'Wizard' carries a lot with it. It's overdone in fantasy, but it still brings to mind images of old men in robes, weighted under burdens that you or I could not possibly comprehend. It has a lot of the connotations that 'sorceror' does, but adds to it a feeling of both nobility and sorrow. Achamian is the only Wizard we see, and by the time TTT ends, I think that's a fairly accurate description of the man.

Witch - Though witches can be both male or female, the vast majority of people instantly think of the classic female archetype when they hear this word. So it being a term for those few Few (sorry) who are also women is a good choice.

Shaman - When you hear the word, you are instantly reminded of the wise old man, looking after his people with both his natural magic and his divine Sight. Shamans are spiritual leaders, predicting the future, healing the sick, and dispensing the laws of the gods. Which sounds an awful lot like a Sorcerer who is also a Prophet to me. view post


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