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Cnaiur's sexuality-why is the topic so damn popular?? posted 09 July 2008 in General DiscusssionCnaiur's sexuality-why is the topic so damn popular?? by Athjeari, Peralogue

Nice discussion/argument so far.
I think it's quite simple why people are so interested in Cnaiur's sexuality.
The man is the stereotypical alpha male! He is a warrior.
According to our social norms warriors are usually not thought of to be gay. However, Cnaiur seems to be gay or at least bisexual. This conflicts with what is generally viewed as acceptable male behavior.

Another reason why I think the topic is so talked about is because Cnaiur doesn't show emotion throughout most of the series. He does say that he loves one of his wives, but he still has no trouble leaving her and soon forgets about her.
Suddenly in TTT Cnaiur runs into Moenghus and we finally see Cnaiur's fragile, emotional side come out. You can tell that Cnaiur really does/did love Moenghus. We even find out that Mo had a cute nickname for Cnaiur, Naiu. This is interesting because a man was able to make this other alpha male man become human and express emotion.

These are two reasons why I feel that Cnaiur's sexuality is so discussed. It is controversial to say the least. At the end of TTT I almost felt sorry for Cnaiur because he was so angry with himself at falling in love with another man. Throughout the series I never felt sorry for Cnaiur up until that moment when he sees Moenghus again. It made me feel weird, feeling sorry for Cnaiur, because he is such a strong character. view post


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