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The terms Wizard vs. Sorceror posted 09 July 2008 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe terms Wizard vs. Sorceror by Trinket, Candidate

Not too sure about your question, but Bakker uses all the magical fantasy terms at some point. Look:

Sorcerer- Person who can work sorcery and has a school

Witch- Female who can work sorcery

Wizard- Someone who can work sorcery and doesn't have a school

Shaman- Prophet who can work sorcery (not exactly sure where it says this one, but I think it's in WP and Achamian is pondering what Kellhus will be with magic)

Witch-King- When Kellhus asks Achamian about singing the gnosis in triplicate, he tells him it's impossible, but remembers tales about the "Witch-King of the Ancient North who had the ability to speak sorcery with three voices (two unspoken). Kellhus later uses the triple singing method and turns the cant of calling into a cant of transposing, making him a Witch-King as well (Or at least having the same abilities). view post


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