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The No-God posted 29 June 2008 in The Warrior ProphetThe No-God by Almighty Tallest, Candidate

The Scylvendi are the People of War.

Like most things in the series, you have to take this statement to the horrifying literal truth. They are not barbarians in that they enjoy in killing and destroying their enemies. They call their raids against the Nansur 'Worship'. The Scylvendi see war as something that is as necessary as you or I see breathing. It is inevitable, and it is sacred.

So when the No-God arrives, you also have to see this as the Scylvendi would see it. You have to understand that Mog-Pharau is not a divine being that controls destruction and war. He is the divine physical manifestation of nothing. So where the Sea-God would manifest as ocean waves and dolphins, the No-God manifests as just that: nothing. Remember, for eleven years after his arrival every child was stillborn. That wasn't because of Mog-Pharau being in Earwa. That was Mog-Pharau.

How could a people like the Scylvendi, a people who worship War as a divine thing, not see Mog-Pharau as the perfect manifestation of their own beliefs? view post


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