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Maithanet posted 03 June 2008 in The Judging EyeMaithanet by Athjeari, Peralogue

I cannot imagine that Maithanet with get in the way of Kellhus. If anything, I speculate that he will only aid him in converting the entire world to one religion so they are all allied to fight the second apocalypse. (Isn't that part of what TTT was about, or did I miss understand this?)

What better way to control the world than to be an Aspect-Emperor and half brother to the religious leader of the time. Maithanet could plant all sorts of directives and thoughts into his followers especially since Kellhus is seen as a prophet.

I also think he might be better used to help convert as many followers instead of fighting the great ordeal. Maithanet gets others to fight for his cause, he does not need to go fight himself.

As for who runs the Empire.

In a passage I read (maybe on wikipedia) it talked about how 20 years had passed. Kellhus is off fighting his war. Akka is figuring out the Dunyain and trying to find them, and Esmi was ruling the Empire and trying to control her murderous children (of Kellhus).
I have no idea how legit this synopsis is but it made sense to me. Maybe you guys have seen or heard otherwise. (I liked the thought of Kellhus's children being murderous, it sounds as if Kellhus had no interest in raising the children and left them to their demise upon which they discover they are somewhat superior to humans and begin a reign of terror) view post


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