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Kellhus, his divinity, and his "good guy" status. posted 03 June 2008 in The Thousandfold ThoughtKellhus, his divinity, and his "good guy" status. by Athjeari, Peralogue

I think this is a sensative topic. Kellhus is motivated by his goal. If his goal meant that he would have to be evil then he most definitely would be. Using understandings of our civilizations philosophy Kenneth Burke makes the argument that the "negative" or what is perceived as evil is a creation of man. In nature there is no "good" or "evil" there just "is".
It is man that puts the meaning behind what is evil or good. So you could argue that Kellhus just "is" and it's his goal that determines whether he is good or evil.

I think one could argue that Kellhus is playing the "good guy" because it is the Shortest Path. If the Shortest Path was for him to be a killer, we know he wouldn't hesitate. Kellhus demonstrated this by killing the boy watching Cnaiur bathe while Kellhus and Serwe were lying down. If Kellhus were a good guy he surely wouldn't have killed the boy.

I also don't feel that Kellhus has lost control of Legion. Showing Achamian his "true" face was necessary at that point to dominate the circumstance.

The argument about prophecy is quite odd too. Kellhus follows the principle of before and after. What come before dictates future events. Kellhus has been using prophecy since he entered civilization. He uses the Probability Trance to figure out what future events will occur by what has already occurred.

I thought it funny that he acts so different around Moe and you can tell that he is baiting him constantly, I believe the book even states something similar. Kellhus tells Moe what Moe wants to hear but that isn't necessarily what Kellhus was truly believing. With regards to his prophecy to Coithus Saubon he merely used the Probability Trance. The probabilites were numerous and Kellhus wasn't exactly sure what was going to happen but he used that as an opportunity to get rid of an enemy as well, in essence to walk the Shortest Path view post


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