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Achamian and the Ciphrang posted 20 May 2008 in The Thousandfold ThoughtAchamian and the Ciphrang by anor277, Didact

Quote: "Israfel":3iki8cpi
anor277 has it right, I believe. Possibly the wounds Achamian inflicted got the demon eventually, or it broke free of the orders it'd been given and ran off elsewhere, dropping Akka in the sea.[/quote:3iki8cpi]

Again my memory is at fault (I think). I had the idea that the demon popped out one of Achamian's eyes (i.e. Iyokus literally sent out the Ciphrang on an "eye for an eye" mission). I may be wrong; I'll have to consult the books again.

Of course, both Iyokus and Achamian targeted the wrong individual for vengeance. The man who gave the order for Achamian's abduction and Xin's horrible death was not Iyokus but Eleazaras (and of course it was Eleazaras that was responsible for the eyeless predicament of the his spymaster, who had in fact tried to dissuade him (E) from this course of action), and there is an excellently written scene in TTT where Esmenet (as the prophet's consort) spells out the new order's realities to that old bugger Eleazaras - no doubt her own desire to punish Eleazaras for Achamian's and Xin's treatment was thwarted by the necessity to use the School against the Cishaurim.

I don't think the Scarlet Spires will wield much influence in the post conquest Three-Seas. The conquest of Shimeh meant the end of both the Scarlet Spires and the Cishaurim; it did not (so far) encompass the end of the Mandate, and of any new School Kellhus developes. view post


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