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Some Random Thoughts on TTT posted 15 May 2005 in The Thousandfold ThoughtSome Random Thoughts on TTT by Kidruhil Lancer, Auditor

Firstly, did anyone, by about 2/3 of the way through W-P really start hating Kellhus? Or is it just me? Between everyone fawning all over him and him taking Esmi from Akka, I just... found myself wanting to strangle the dude. By the end of the book I can tolerate him again, but I still find myself hating Esmi and frankly every other character who goes all mushy eyed over him. ( Serwe included! )

Anyway, enough of ranting.

My take on the Thousandfold Thought, is that it has something to do with connecting with the minds of those around him. Whether it has to do with sorcery or not is still a question in my mind... but I think it's just a further step in what Kellhus had already discovered about his abilities to influence the actions of world-born men. ( I'm betting that his father has also discovered this. Perhaps even that his father has done the same with the Cishaurim or even the Fanim. ) Remember that several times in the latter portion of the book, Scott mentions Kellhus speaking with other peoples lips. (Of course this may also just be my misinterpretation of a metaphor.)

As far as my guesses about what will happen in TTT ... I doubt that the No-God will be awakened by the end of the book. So far, (As far as my memory serves), none of the consult has mentioned anything about being close to reviving him. And if they could already revive him, I'm betting they would have already. I think by the end of TTT the Fanim will have been defeated/subdued/converted... and Kellhus will have established his own kingdom/empire in the southern lands, possibly even in the northern lands as well. Remember that the next set of books, (which take place 20 years further on {Mr. Bakker said this himself}) will be titled (as a set) The Aspect-Emperor. Now, unless the Prince of Nothing ends with a big cliff-hanger or Scott has a brand new enemy in store for the next set of books, I'm doubting that the No-God will be awakened by the end of TTT. (Mainly because his defeat seems to warrant at least a fourth book to the set, and because if he isn't defeated... well... I doubt that there would be another set of books. Mwahaha. )

That's about it for my guesses on the future.

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