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The LOTR Films posted 21 March 2004 in Off-Topic DiscussionThe LOTR Films by Malarion, Candidate

Ok, just wondered what the views of the people on this forum were towards these films (and Scott's, if he's reading).

Personally I was pleasantly surprised. The first film blew me away completely. I felt a lump in my throat by the care I saw put into this film. Fantasy (which means everything to me) was finally getting the respect it deserved.
Ok, I can hear the complaints. The story wandered from the book etc. But still...think how it could have been.

Iain McKellan was absolutely amazing as Gangalf. I cannot image that character now without his face. It was perfect.
Saruman? Lee was immense.

So many good actors playing the part, not the actor (aka Stallone etc).

My only real anger were this (and it revealed Jackson's abilities - great film maker but victim of poor storytelling - and these weaknesses plagued the book too).

It suffered from a lack of a strong villian. The Witch-King was very much underplayed. The scene when he rises from behind the dead Fell Beast was amazing...but too late. We'd not gotten to know this monster, so we never cared about his death. In fact, the entire Wraith thing was pretty badly handled (and in some ways, I blam JRR himself).
The search-light Sauron was fuckin annoying.
Legolas pissed me off from the start. All his over-the-top scene were off putting.

Still, my favourite movies of alll time.
Gandalf was awesome.
Gollum was mind blowing.
The imagery took my breath.

What did you all think? view post


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