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posted 10 May 2005, 02:05 by Egaragoras, Candidate

I suppose that makes sense, seeing as the other (character) inversions do not fundamentally change the position of the characters in a traditional fantasy plot, but rather serve to add a new dimension to those character archetypes. For example, Kellhus's abilities and manipulative tendencies do not prevent him from still serving the role of the "boy who would be king" or the savior-protagonist, but rather simply add a new dimension to an old fantasy role. In the same way, I suppose the Consult and Inchoroi could still serve the place of the "Evil Organization" without succumbing to the stereotypical motivations (or lack thereof) of most fantasy "Evil Organizations". But it still seems to me that the Consult's goals and motivations are much closer to accepted fantasy norms and archetypes than are the other characters and concepts in PON. view post


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