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posted 09 May 2005, 21:05 by sciborg2, Candidate

Well, the Inchoroi and the No-God are somewhat classic villains, but not exactly. For one thing, neither is Evil as a supernatural force, even the No-God seems to be more a creature of hunger than anything. And, ultimately, the Dunyain and Inchoroi, and perhaps all the factions are the same in that they see others have no value beyond their use to one's own goals. The Inchoroi feel this is explained by the fact they are the race of flesh and lovers, others--or at least humans--are canvas. Khellus manipulates Serwe into accepting repeated rape at Cnauir's hands. Is he any different from the Synthese from an objective moral point of view? We see the goal of the Dunyain as less evil, only because their memes are similar to ones we understand/respect. After all, they want to be dispassionate, they seek the Logos to triumph over deception and "sin". Whereas the genetic manipulation of the Inchoroi is terrifying. But, one may say, the Dunyain aren't trying to destroy the world. Why is that though? Not out of compassion, but simply because the world doesn't interfere with their goal. In the end, if there is no absolute morality, how do we morally weigh these factions? Look at the Mandate, apparently the most selfless organization. Yet they torture and kidnap those they believe connected to the Consult, they manipulate their spies. Is any betrayal justified when the cause is so great? Kind of what White Lord said, the Inchoroi are the mirror against which everything else can be held up and judged, as I see them. They are THE evil only in that their goals are most inimical to everyone around them. I agree with the above poster: They are also what allows everything else to be reworked, as unless they are THE evil you don't have an impetus for the other revised archetypes. view post


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