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How does the Consult fit? posted 09 May 2005 in Author Q & AHow does the Consult fit? by Egaragoras, Candidate

Some great ideas here-- it certainly wouldn't surprise me if the Consult's motivations and goals went far deeper than we have seen so far. However, while what you have put forth may explain the Consult's destructive and subjectively "evil" actions, I don't see these motivations challenging the Consult's position as "The Evil Organization" (at least relative to the other characters and the rest of the Three Seas).

Perhaps Mr. Bakker decided that the presence of a "The Dark Lord and his Minions" stereotype is required for any high fantasy work, even in an experimental and dark series such as this. Without it, the work would be too far distant from the fantasy norm with which we are all familiar, and the other inversions (character archetypes, overall tone) would be lost. view post


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