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Great News - and please post what work you are all doing. posted 09 May 2005 in Writing TipsGreat News - and please post what work you are all doing. by Kidruhil Lancer, Auditor

I've been moving from idea to idea for almost 7 years now. Ideas that range from horribly unoriginal to painfully impossible. At the moment, I have two ideas that are plausible enough and original enough for me to consider writing. I'll outline the one that's easiest to summarize.

War. (Naturally. What is a good medieval story without war?)

War between the Light and the Darkness. Two shapeless entities, void of intelligence. Opposite powers, opposite elements that war with each other simply because it's in their nature. The Light is no more good than the Darkness is evil.

They each have servants. Creatures of varying degress of intelligence and power who wage wars against the other side. They draw their power from whichever side they choose.

The story takes place within a world whose gods have perished... opening the door for minions from the Darkness and from the Light to enter their world and fight their endless battles.

The story, as I see it at the moment, will cover subjects like the nature of Good and Evil. That neither force really exists, except in the actions of lesser beings. That there aren't any all-knowing powers that are purely good or purely evil. That the real forces behind good and evil are shapeless powers, whose servants are the ones who really do the dirty work. The harmony of the universe, of the cycle of existance between life and death.

At the moment, I'm working on flushing our characters and plot possibilities with a writing buddy of mine. (Through roleplay, basically.) So it may be quite a while before I ever actually sit down and write anything concrete.

But there it is. Sheesh... I really suck at explaining things... view post


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