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posted 09 May 2005, 04:05 by White Lord, Subdidact

This is an interesting question . . . Then again, you yourself have said that Scott has managed to portray all these inverted archetypes so well that I suspect the case with the Consult itself may not be so simple. From what we know, (and that is also very little), many people who joined the Consult were not exactly evil, just warped by the influence of the Inchoroi (who are themselves very complex creatures -- shameless hedonists one moment, butchers the next). We also know that at least one member (the Mantraitor) fought against Golgoterath at some point, so I think this same ambiguity that accompanies most characters could mean that members of the Consult itself could desert and join the other side, and that it is not exactly an impregnable monolith, since, like most organizations, I expect there to be internal factions and rivalries. But I think we should wait for Scott's answer for anything definite . . . view post


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