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posted 02 May 2005, 14:05 by Twayleph, Auditor

I believe that if human nations employ Chorae archers, it's because they have no other choice. Remember what happened to the battle of Kiyuth, where a large Scylvendi horde was so very easily destroyed - all because they didn't have Chorae archers at the ready to fight the Imperial Saik - or the battle at the Fords from Achamian's Dreams. Sorcerers have an obscene power that you simply can't ignore, leaving you with only two choices: either out-power the enemy sorcerers with your own sorcerers or employ Chorae. Sorcerers are a very valuable resource (remember Eleazaras' dismay at losing even two sorcerers!), probably just as valuable as the Chorae. As for handing Chorae to melee units (such as the Inrithi knights), it's not very effective since the Chorae must touch the sorcerer to have any effect, and armies will tend to protect their sorcerers very closely from Chorae-bearing units. All this said, I agree that employing Chorae archers is very risky and that they would be employed only in the rarest of circumstances. In battles where they aren't needed, I imagine they would either be kept as a reserve or employ mundane arrows. Still, Chorae are there to be used, and Chorae archers seem to a good way to do so. view post


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