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livin n dyin in TTT posted 01 May 2005 in The Thousandfold Thoughtlivin n dyin in TTT by anor277, Didact

Thanx Whitelord...

I hadn't realised that Scott had gone into such detail in his Q and A section on the origin of chorae. Maybe I should take a look at those threads.

You're dead right on the use of chorae on a battlefield. The gentry probably doled out a few dozen trinkets (certainly not more than a 100) to the expert archers and missile men among their clients, who were organised into a special company against sorcerors (cf the Thesji bowmen of the Fanim and the Scylvendi also had such a company). Of course, the gentry would retain one trinket for personal protection (cf. Xinemus had three, probably now lost in the wreckage of Achamian's escape). As you say, after a battle, the victors of the field would scour the paddock looking for loosed trinkets on arrows or bolts or quarrels (or on the bodies of fallen quality nobles) - on a pregunpowder battlefield this would anyway be standard behaviour for archers, slingers, missilemen (and the impecunious - a chorae would be a prized bit of loot).

We've gone off topic, but Cnaiur mentioned that his trinket was among a gift from the No-god to his people (this makes sense if the chorae originated from the Inchoroi and the rogue Non-men). Quite possibly, the Scylvendi probably possessed a lot of trinkets. They had never been defeated on the field and had 1000's of years history of looting and pillaging. After Kiyuth of course all those trinkets wold now be in the hands of the Nansur. view post


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