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livin n dyin in TTT posted 01 May 2005 in The Thousandfold Thoughtlivin n dyin in TTT by White Lord, Subdidact

Quote: "Atanvarno":6p2dld2u
Aye, I'd never really considered that the Consult might have access to sorcery (be it Gnostic or ortherwise), and assumed they had the Tekne alone. In this I may be wrong, and probably am considering the resources of the Consult.[/quote:6p2dld2u]

The Consult as such is a cabal of generals and sorcerers, as you can see from the faction guide in the book. In fact Golgotterath was "reactivated" by a Gnostic School of the Ancient North (the Mangaecca), so there's no doubt they know and use Gnostic sorcery. (The Tekne seems to be some sort of bioscience that only the Inchoroi know and use -- don't think they have shared this with their human and nonmen allies, too important to give up so easily. Also, since the Inchoroi were/are a star-faring, technical society you can assume they have at least the theoretical knowledge of what we consider advanced science, even though they probably don't have the resources/tools to turn it into weapons).

Quote: "Atanvarno":6p2dld2u
However, this does make me wonder, unlike men the Consult may actually understand how the chorae work, thier metaphysics, etc. which then begs the question, have the worked out a way to block them? All pure speculation of course, but a possibility none the less.[/quote:6p2dld2u]

They ought to know all on Chorae since they were the ones who created them in the first place (or the Inchoroi, really . . .). If you check one of the old threads in the Q&A section you'll find an answer by Scott on Chorae. Basically what he said is: Chorae were invented by renegade Nonmen sorcerers, who defected to the Inchoroi, at the time of the Cuno-Inchoroi Wars. Seems the Inchoroi were losing the war because, though they had advanced technological weapons, they had no sorcery. The renegade Nonmen sorcerers developed the Aporos (a branch of the Gnosis). The Aporos (sorcery of contradictions) can unravel and render meaningless any Cant or sorcery. So to return to the Chorae: they are metallic spheres, with Choric or Aporetic runes engraved on them. So it seems that without the runes with their unraveling spell they would be just that, metallic balls. From this it's obvious that the Aporos is capable not only of nullifying Gnostic and Anagogic sorcery, but also of instantly killing a sorcerer. I asked Scott if Aporetic sorcery can be used for offensive spells (such as blocking a Chorae, which is basically a frozen Aporetic Cant anyone can wield) and he didn't answer since it would be a spoiler. So basically, if we learn from the book that Aporetic sorcerers can stop one another's spells, then, yes, Chorae can be stopped. Guess we'll have to wait till TTT or later for an answer.

Quote: "Atanvarno":6p2dld2u
Also, on an off topic point. If men possess so few trinkets, then why have chorae bowmen? This always bugged me: a chorae is such a precious item, that cannot be replaced, and jealously guraded by the nobility. Indeed, the gift of several chorae to the Scarlet Spires was enough to make them sit up and take serious notice. Yet these things are fashioned into arrows, and fired away (yes, to great affect), yet retrieving an arrow is a difficult task, it always seemed such a waste, unsustainable in fact.

Say if there were as many as ten thousand chorae in the hands of men (which I highly doubt, if it's ten times fewer I'd still be surprised), take two thousand years of wars after the Apocalypse in which chorae bowmen are used... the damn things would run out at some point. Perhaps I should ask Scott.[/quote:6p2dld2u]

Your number is actually dead-on. If you check Book 1 (where Achamian speaks with the Quorum in Atyersus) you'll see that the Thousand Temples alone have some five thousand Chorae, with an equal number held by the nobility throughout the Three Seas. As for them all being made into arrows, that's impossible. If you consider the numbers of sorcerers, as a whole, over the entire continent, I seriously doubt that there are even five thousand, and how many sorcerers do you think would be present at any one battle? I doubt if you would find more than twenty of them. So basically most Chorae would be worn by the nobility, and foot soldiers or cavalry (remember the Shrial Knights) for protection, with sufficient chorae bowmen to try and deal with the sorcerers. As for your question about loss of Chorae, well it all depends on who wins the battle: if you have defeated the sorcerers and the army that was supporting them you basically have possession of the battlefield, with all the time in the world to fine-comb it searching for the arrows (and this was a common practice on medieval battlefields). view post


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